What will my Heart do today?

Will beat 127,444 times, pump 1,869 gallons of blood, and push that blood nearly 11,449 miles throughout my body!

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  • Today, your heart will pump around 1,869 gallons (7,065 liters) of blood

  • In your lifetime, your heart will pump 1.2 million barrels of blood

    (that’s the equivalent of 3 supertankers)

  • Your body contains about 2 gallons (8 liters) of blood

  • This blood circulates through your body 3 times a minute

  • Your blood travels around 11,449 miles a day (18,421 km)

    (roughly halfway around the circumference of the earth)

  • If you make a fist with your hand, your heart is about this size

    (A whale’s heart is roughly 400 times this size)

  • Your entire cardiovascular system, if laid from end to end, is over 42,933 miles (69,079 km) long

    (that’s long enough to wrap around the world more than twice)

  • Your heart beats approximately 127,444 times a day

    (by the time you die, your heart will have beat more than 2.5 billion times)

Daily Fitness Challenges

After loosing 29 lbs within 120 days I am pretty confident that i understand, how to shed pounds away.

Doctor’s order is to stay away from potatoes, bread, red meat and dairy.

Bread and fruits in the basket

My amazing Love Vivian (yesterday was her Birthday) and I found many alternatives to these that are healthy, nutritious and low calorie.